Ottone Pesante

One year after they released their first EP, which was the first step, the heavy brass metal trio Ottone Pesante released their first album Brassphemy Set In Stone.

Trumpet, trombone and drums can be together really heavy. Ottone Pesante makes a step beyond the traditional idea of extreme metal based on the sound of bass and guitar. They recorded the album after 90 gigs in the last year, playing all around Italy and in Europe.

Brassphemy Set In Stone is the evolution of Ottone Pesante. The music has become heavier, more extreme and more technical but also melodic at the same time. The album is very fast and brutal, really impressive especially for brass players. ‘Trombstone’ is the only exception, a doom track that lets the listener breath. ‘Brutal’ is the first song, a symbol of the heavy brass metal. ‘Nights Blood’ is a melodic death metal track inspired by the Swedish metal band Dissection. ‘Bone Crushing’ is the chosen track for the video, recorded on high mountains, which demonstrates how physical Ottone Pesante’s music is.

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Ottone Pesante play The Sunflower Lounge Birmingham on Sun 29th October 2017. Tickets available here.

Watch the video for ‘Bone Crushing’ below: