Juniore are a French indie pop quartet from Paris led by singer and songwriter Anna Jean. Before forming Juniore in 2013, Anna Jean collaborated with Samy Osta in an indie folk duo called Domingo.

Juniore will play on Thurs 2nd May 2019 at The Sunflower Lounge Birmingham. Tickets are available here.

With Domingo, Anna Jean released one LP in 2008. In the following years, her mysterious, sultry vocals would lead her to collaborations within the Parisian electro scene, appearing as a guest vocalist for artists like Jackson & His Computerband and Bot’Ox

Working again with Osta, she formed Juniore, originally as a duo, later expanding into a quartet.

Mixing modern indie pop sensibilities with elements of retro French pop, dark, twangy surf guitar, and a vocal style that falls somewhere between Cat Power and Françoise HardyJuniore released their debut 7″ single, ‘Christine’ b/w ‘Dans le noir’, in late 2013 on the Parisian Entreprise label.

Juniore then released several singles and two albums: ‘Juniore’ in 2016 and ‘Ouh là là’ in 2017. 

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Watch the official music video for ‘Un Twist’ below: