Event Details

Date: Sunday 17 October 2021

Doors: 7.30PM

Price: £6

Ages: 16+


Hi I’m Yxngxr1, from Cardiff in the UK. I used to work in Foot Locker recording off a smashed iPhone 5C with a £5 Amazon Pop Filter, that’s where I started to do music and that, and then it suddenly started to take off and I signed with EMPIRE. Started working on my first ever EP which is ‘Childhood Dreams’, got over 30M streams now. Working on my 5th EP ‘Digikid 2’ and still recording all this on Garageband. I’ve managed somehow to get over 100M streams on all platforms which is quite wild to be fair, like I still feel like I’m going to wake up in Foot Locker and it’s all gonna be one massive dream hahahahaha but that’s pretty much me hehe.


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