Vince Freeman

Vince Freeman

Vince Freeman

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Date: Wednesday 10 April 2024

Doors: 7.30pm

Price: £10

Ages: 16+

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Vince Freeman’s got the power. It’s there in his decade-long journey from prime-time musical acclaim to debut album triumph. In his ability to craft singles that have hit in multiple European markets.

In the musician’s defiance of medical science to get back on this feet after crippling back pain necessitated three eye-wateringly invasive surgeries. It’s there, too, in his refusal to let the pandemic kill his music career or his spirit of entrepreneurialism.

Vince Freeman’s also got Powers: the first single from Scars, Ghosts & Glory, his long-awaited first album. A gospel-infused anthem of thanks and defiance, of positivity and optimism, it showcases both Freeman’s soulful rasp and his faith in the power of song. The 12-track album is produced by Paul Visser (aka GoldCrush) and is brimming with powerful earworms like fist-punching rocker Imposter; the gnarly ode to a night full of tequila and regret that is Won’t Remember Heaven; and Blame Myself, another sure-fire single and another song that speaks to the singer’s journey through his artistry.

This is Vince Freeman’s journey and this is his towering achievement. His debut album is the sound of a musician who’s poured everything of himself into his music, made his own luck, overcame life-threatening challenges and been his own best ambassador.

This is the painfully honest, life-richly-lived world of Scars, Ghosts & Glory, and Freeman has alchemised all three into musical gold. Now, finally, the world gets to hear it.

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