Swim School

Swim School

+ Lizzie Esau

Swim School

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Date: Saturday 27 April 2024

Doors: 7.30pm

Price: £12

Ages: 18+

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Swim School

“Making emphatic, anthem records they are the band that everyone
in the scene has their eye on…”BBC Radio 1 Next Wave

If 2023 was the year to grow for swim school, 2024 is the year to fly.
“We spent less time at home in Edinburgh last year than ever” says Alice
Johnson – guitar playing vocalist (and vocal) front woman of the rapidly
attention attracting three piece. “We played our first shows in Europe, toured
the UK several times and had more incredible experiences than we could ever
have imagined. It was tough at times though and we had our own shit to deal
with – personally and professionally – just like everyone else in the world. I
think we’ve all learned a lot about ourselves, let go of some things and
embraced others. That’s growing up I suppose. Looking back now it feels like
all of that was preparing us for this year. We feel like we’re hitting our stride as
a band and as people.”
2023 in a nutshell: Released their sophomore EP ‘Duality’. Toured with Inhaler
(UK & EU), Grandson, Pixies, Lovejoy and Amazons. BORED included on the
coveted EA FC soundtrack. Had a Radio 1 Track of the Week. Made their
festival main state debuts and (to the particular delight of drummer Billy
McMahon and and Alice’s dad) being featured in the Hibernian FC match day
All of which some bands might consider to be the cup final. Swim school
considers it the warm up.
A new 6 track collection of songs will be released this April, continuing their
furtive creative relationship with producer Iain Berryman (Wolf Alice, Young
Fathers, Beebadoobee, Nieve Ella).
Whilst the new songs share common themes – sense of self, leaving behind
negativity, moving on, growing as a person even when it’s hard – sonically
they break new ground for swim school. Some familiar elements are elevated
and expanded, such as the rousing ride-or-die chorus chant of fist single “Give
Me A Reason Why” whilst fans will hear some songs unlike any the band have
released before. Growth…you might say.
And just a week into 2024 that growth is already apparent. On top of the new
single which has gained munich praise and support across Radio 1 and seen
the band as cover start sf their biggest streaming playlists to date, the band are
also included on DORK Magazine’s 2024 Hype List (“2024 will be the year they
dive off it into stardom”) and announced for their first European festival at
Madrid’s Mad Cool in July.

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