Eighty Eight Miles Single Launch

Eighty Eight Miles Single Launch

+ When Tigers Used to Smoke / JSB / Dominic Clark

Eighty Eight Miles Single Launch

Event Details

Date: Friday 1 July 2022

Doors: 7.30pm

Price: £7

Ages: 18+

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Indie/Alternative band, Eighty Eight Miles are a colourful, up and coming collective from the Midlands, UK.
With their name originating from the hit movie trilogy “Back To The Future”, the band met at the BIMM Institute in Birmingham and consists of lead vocalist/guitarist Ellie Grice, drummer Dan Hobday, bassist Bekka Redfern and lead guitarist Max Bets-Patel. The foundation of their music is built upon a wide variety of inspirations such as Fleetwood Mac, Declan McKenna and The 1975. However, harmonically, artistic inspirations from bands such as The Beatles, The Beach Boys and even ABBA shine through in their music. ?
Forming in March 2020, Eighty Eight Miles’ journey was stunted like many others due to the pandemic. However, during the several lockdowns in the UK, the band released four singles starting with the more indie rock inspired “It’s Not Your Fault” which was released in May 2020.
In July of 2020, songwriter Ellie Grice seemed to find the missing piece that would become the bands signature sound and this lead to the release of their second single “Fighter Not a Lover”. With a chorus you won’t forget in a hurry, the single featured striking synths that gave the band their 80s vibe. Going with this trend, they released their third single “Cardigan” followed by the stripped back version “Cardigan, Vol.2” in February 2021 that showed a softer side to lead singer Ellie’s songwriting. ? The sky’s the limit for Eighty Eight Miles…


When Tigers Used To Smoke is a 5 piece formed in Birmingham England comprised of Mia Nelson on keyboards, Rob Kent on drums, Declan Boyd & Frankie Beardsmore on vocals, and guitars & Sophia brown on bass.
Our latest e.p “It All Just Seems pretend” has just been released, containing elements of dream pop, modern indie, and a classic Britpop sound combined with our own injection of creativity to create a sonic space for all to enjoy. Thank you for listening to our music, your support is greatly appreciated, expect more from us later this year.



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