James TW 800

James TW is no ordinary teenager. The British 18-year-old is a soulful singer-songwriter with a big voice and even bigger aspirations.

His discipline has clearly paid off, resulting in a distinct blues and jazz-infused singer-songwriter sound that recalls John Mayer and Jamie Cullum, two of James’ influences. He is equally capable of delivering ballads reminiscent of Ed Sheeran’s work, another artist who has had an impact on his music. James’ songs demonstrate critical elements of experienced songwriting and resonate with ease.

James has a maturity well beyond his years. He speaks with authority and a sense of worldliness that is rare for someone of his age. He cites Bill Withers and B.B. King as inspirations and aims to emulate the vocal nuances of soul music and guitar riffs of modern blues. Despite his youth, James’ lyrics offer a distinct point of view, convincing any listener of an incomparable wisdom about love, heartbreak and the world around them. He is undeniably romantic as highlighted by the subject matter of many of his songs.

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James TW plays The Sunflower Lounge Birmingham on Mon 12th December 2016. Tickets available here.

Watch the video for ‘When You Love Someone’ below: