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The PNKSLM Slime Pit Ft. Lucern Raze + Holy + Black Mekon

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Wed 30 September, 2015
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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Ages 16+


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PNKSLM Records & Killer Wave are back in association with Heineken with THE SLIME BALL.


From the cold hand that brought you Sex Beet, songwriter Luke Reilly and his motley band of brothers Joel, Charlie, Krille & Hanne at the Sunflower to make a racket again.
Still getting over the hangover of this years tour of SXSW & Burgerama and with the smash hit album ‘Stockholm One’ out already on PNKSLM Records & Burger Records, expect new material from the Swedlish boys and a lively as ever show.



PNKSLM golden boy Hanne, know as HOLY tours the UK for the first time. With his album ‘Stabs’ out now on PNKSLM Records with it’s jingle-jangle melodic pop hooks and Hanne’s distinct voice we can’t wait to hear it live.


“Black Mekon began as art. The very first show was projected onto a wall at a ColdRice show (the assholes didn’t even grace us with their presence), they shrouded themselves in mystery providing only a web page with audio and a logo (no photos or biog or contact) and they refused any communication with the outside world. They weren’t being pretentious, it was because Black Mekon was simply art for art’s sake, there was no need for any of the other baggage that comes with being a rock n’ roll band. But somehow since then they have toured Europe, USA and South America several times. So I guess the message from Black Mekon is obvious… don’t try.”