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Sat 2 February
7:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Age Restrictions



Free Entry via Birmingham Promoters
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Martin Yates, a soulful singer/songwriter from the U.K brings a fresh new edge to Pop music, an edge that hasn’t been heard in years. No matter the listener, Martin is able to capture the heart with his impassioned lyrics over simplistic yet perfectly representational production. Yates is a soulful crooner with amazing vocal talent that is being groomed to be one of the top artists of this generation. Under the tutelage and mentorship of Gary Michael Houston nephew of the iconic Whitney Houston, is very excited about Martin’s career and future in this industry.

Martin Yates Links: Facebook | InstagramSpotify

Watch the video to ‘Fire In My Heart’ below:

Crafted by himself, Mayday hails from Birmingham. Mayday had been listening to grime from 10 years old and hadn’t started writing lyrics until a decade later when he turned 20. Taking inspiration from garage mixes his mother use to play infusing them with grime, that evolved from garage he found in his early years, Mayday harnesses elements of both to craft his music.

Using music helps Mayday to articulate his life, he articulates what he lives and weaves stories with such intricacy akin to painting a picture. The tropes of grime music are rarely covered in his music as he aims to deliver tales from a personal perspective. Mayday is slowly carving out his own lane in the grime scene, one that is inspired by many but not easily imitated.

Starting to write lyrics in mid-2016, his style has taken shape as an artist who brings energy with a playful flair. With influences ranging far and wide the compilation of genres make Mayday an artist that is fuelled by a passion that matches his relentless ethic of self improvement.

Mayday Links: Website | Facebook | Spotify

Watch the official music video for ‘Like Juve’ below: